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Licensing Strategy and Available Licenses

BioDiem welcomes inquiries from potential partners on the licensing and collaboration opportunities available. BioDiem has world-class in-house expertise in the areas of vaccines and infectious disease therapy development. The Company also has an existing partnering network that spans the globe, which has provided access to top research facilities in the development of its asset portfolio.

Non-confidential summaries of each licensing opportunity are available upon request from the Company. Contact

The following technologies are available for licence or collaboration as detailed below:

Product/technology Indication Licenses Available
LAIV technology (intranasalinfluenza vaccine technology)
mammalian cell-based production
Influenza Global licence
excluding Russia and CIS.
LAIV technology (intranasalinfluenza vaccine technology) egg-based production method
Influenza  Developed world markets
LAIV viral vector Vaccine Vector Co-development licences
SAVINE technology(scrambled antigen vaccine technology) various disease targets including TB and nasopharyngeal cancer (Epstein Barr-related) Worldwide rights for co-development or out-licence
BDMI (see Antimicrobial Worldwide rights for co-development